Help moms with HIV or at-risk pregnancies give birth to healthy babies!

New Incentives is a non-profit that changes the lives of the world’s poorest mothers and newborns.

Happy Moms

Give moms access to health services and cash for basic goods

Protected against Diseases

Protect mothers and newborns against deadly diseases that are transmitted during childbirth

HIV-free Newborns

Prevent newborns whose mothers are HIV-positive from being infected at birth



Our model is proven to fight poverty

The Economist

“The world’s favorite anti-poverty device.”

What others say about New Incentives

Clinton Global Initiative

“Exemplary approach to a pressing global problem.”




How you can help HIV-positive mothers like Ayo


Your Contribution: Access to Clinics

You encourage a pregnant woman at risk such as Ayo to deliver her child at a clinic where she gets any necessary treatments. Your donation is handed out after clinic delivery. The cash helps Ayo to afford food and transport.

Your Impact: Healthy Newborns

Thanks to your donation Ayo's child is born healthy. Ayo is better off too, as she gave birth at a safe clinic and received financial support during and after pregnancy.


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