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Announcement: New Incentives Receives $35 Million in Funding to Scale Up Cash Incentives for Routine Childhood Vaccination Program in Nigeria

August 8, 2022
New Incentives, a nonprofit that uses cash incentives to save lives, has received new grants of $35.2 million, enabling the organization to expand its program to reach approximately 1,559,000 additional infants by the end of 2024.

The grants, the largest funding the organization has received to date, come through GiveWell’s Maximum Impact Fund ($21.5 million) and Open Philanthropy ($13.7 million).

“We recommend this grant because we believe that the work the grant will support will be cost-effective. New Incentives’ program is among the most cost-effective programs we know of,” GiveWell’s announcement reads. “New Incentives has a track record of fast growth and stands out for its dedication to identifying, responding to, and being transparent about issues it faces.”

New Incentives provides small cash incentives to caregivers across the course of their child’s routine immunization schedule, helping them overcome various barriers to getting their child vaccinated in the first year of their life. The program has been rigorously evaluated by independent researchers and was found to double the proportion of children who are fully vaccinated, among other positive impacts. It is also considered one of the most cost-effective ways to save a life. 

The new grants will enable the organization to expand from three to six states in northern Nigeria – an area with some of the lowest childhood vaccination rates in the world – reaching a total of 3,182,000 infants through 2024 at a cost of approximately $25.60 per additional infant. New Incentives estimates that the funding will save thousands of children’s lives.

The funding will enable the organization to meet most of the addressable need in the areas where New Incentives will be operating, providing an evidence-based solution to a problem that has appeared intractable for many years.

GiveWell, and the individual donors who contributed to the grants, will be able to learn about the impact of the funds through surveys of vaccine coverage before and after we begin working in a given area, and through routine monitoring.


“We share profound gratitude with our supporters and partners and are thrilled to contribute to new solutions at scale as governments and development partners seek to close the global health equity gap in childhood vaccination.” Svetha Janumpalli, New Incentives CEO.

About New Incentives

New Incentives is a nongovernmental organization that leverages evidence, existing infrastructure, and cash incentives to increase demand for vaccinations and cost-effectively save lives. Working with government clinics and in conjunction with existing programs, New Incentives raises awareness about life-saving vaccines, supports vaccine supply efforts, and provides small cash incentives to caregivers after their infants have received the latest round of vaccinations (for a total of six). As of mid-2022, New Incentives has enrolled more than 730,000 infants in its program, disbursed over 2.5 million cash transfers, and saved thousands of lives. 

About GiveWell

GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of project analysis to help donors decide where to give. The organization’s aim is to focus beyond financials, such as assessing administrative or fundraising costs. GiveWell also conducts in-depth research to determine how much good a given program accomplishes (in terms of lives saved, lives improved, etc.) per dollar spent. Rather than rating as many charities as possible, GiveWell focuses on the few charities that stand out the most in order to find and confidently recommend high-impact giving opportunities.

About Open Philanthropy

Open Philanthropy is a philanthropic funder. It identifies outstanding giving opportunities, makes grants, follows the results, and publishes its findings. Its mission is to give as effectively as it can.

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