Cash transfers that save lives
Guided by evidence, we provide cash incentives to increase childhood vaccination rates.
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Every 19 seconds, someone dies from a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine.

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What We Do


We raise awareness about the benefits of childhood vaccinations.


We provide cash incentives at government clinics after children receive vaccinations.

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We help improve the vaccine supply chain to ensure enough vaccines are available at clinics.

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Pilot. Test. Scale.

Our mission is to save lives in a way that does the most good per dollar. Evidence has been our guide every step of the way, from inception and design to testing and scaling.

Watch our CEO, Svetha Janumpalli, tell the story of how New Incentives started and how it became one of the most cost-effective charities in the world.

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An independent randomized controlled trial found that New Incentives' program led to


Increase in Full Vaccination Coverage1


Increase in Timely Measles 1 Vaccination2


Increase in Clinics Avoiding Stockouts3

1Relative to 25% full vaccination coverage rate in the control group.
2Relative to 53% of timely vaccination in the control group.
3Relative to 10% of clinics reporting no stockouts in the control group.

Where We Work

We work in northern Nigeria, a region that has one of the lowest immunization rates in the world and also some of the highest child mortality rates.

An estimated 40 percent of deaths of children under five in Nigeria are from vaccine-preventable diseases.

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